How to Make Your Luxury Leather Wallet Last Longer

Whether you have just splurged on a luxury leather wallet or been using one for years and cannot bear to part with it, keeping your wallet properly cleaned and maintained can help extend its life and usability.

From everyday care to removing tough stains from your leather wallet and keeping it safe when not in use, this guide provides you all the tips you need to keep your most prized possession squeaky clean and shiny!

Everyday Care

Leather wallets can easily get dirty from everyday use. And over time, if this dirt is not cleaned, the leather may become dry and start cracking. Therefore, the first and foremost step is to keep your wallet clean.

There are various ways to clean a leather wallet. For a quick, once-a-week cleaning, you can use a damp cloth and wipe it over the material to get rid of the dirt and dust and prevent premature wear and tear.

Deep Cleaning

While everyday care and thoughtful usage go a long way in maintaining the life of a leather wallet, we also recommend a quarterly deep cleaning routine to restore the shine and high-quality finish of the leather. This is a multi-step process that involves the use of special leather cleaning products like a commercial leather cleaner, leather polish, leather conditioner or cream, and a suede brush.

Whether you plan to use a commercial product to clean your wallet or decide to go DIY, test every product on a small section of the wallet. This is important because some commercial products may be too harsh for exotic leathers that require gentle cleaning.


Cleaning with a commercial product should always be followed by a conditioning regime. Leather conditioners contain moisturizing elements that help replace the moisture stripped away by the cleaning, and keep the wallet supple and crack-free.

Removing the Stains

Stains are common on leather products, especially wallets and purses. Fortunately, there are several DIY remedies to get rid of tough stains and maintain the spotless beauty of your wallets.

Lemon juice, vinegar, cream of tartar, rubbing alcohol, and talcum powder are some of the commonly used ingredients to remove different kinds of stains from a luxury leather wallet. Just be mindful to not use concentrated products on your wallet. Make a diluted solution and do a spot test to be sure that it’s safe and won’t damage the look and shine of the leather.

Some Basic Luxury Leather Wallet Care Principles

  • Let Your Wallet Breathe

Leather is essentially the skin, and to maintain its shine and suppleness, it needs ventilation. Therefore, when not in use, keep your leather wallet in a dust bag made from breathable fabric.

  • Keep It Away from Heat and Sunlight

Don’t feel tempted to use a hairdryer to dry your damp wallet. The use of heat can cause it to shrink; therefore, let it dry naturally. Also, store your leather wallet away from direct sunlight because this can cause premature fading and cracking.

  • Do Not Sit On Your Wallet

Guilty of keeping your wallet in your back pocket? This not only affects your health but can also damage the leather. So, be nice to your billfold and switch to front-pocketing.

  • Avoid Overfilling Your Purse

Leather can stretch if kept overfilled for a long time. Therefore, avoid putting too much in your wallet to maintain its original shape and silhouette.

And don’t forget the most basic principle of all – invest in a wallet that’s worth preserving. Wallets are on the receiving end of regular wear and tear. Therefore, if you want something that will look pristine for years, invest a high-quality leather wallet that can bear everyday use and require little maintenance.

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