Buying leather bracelet is the new IN trend

Yes, you read that right! One of the most unconventional, yet a very popular trend, amongst both men as well as women is that of wearing a leather bracelet.

Now, this can be proven in a lot of ways.

We can see a lot of celebrities, every now and then, spotted on the streets while wearing the trendiest leather bracelets EVER! These street styles make one want to have one or two of such pieces in their collection.

Apart from this, the new ‘trendy’ application, TicTock, also showcases several popular fashion trendsetters wearing these bracelets. They look chic and cool, and a lot of times bring loads of followers for them as well.

But, the key question is, how one wears these bracelets that look stylish, and not weird. One needs to be super careful while choosing what kind of bracelet one wants to opt for, to avoid being over or under accessorized.


Why opt for leather bracelets?

One thing that sets leather bracelets apart from others is the fact that they are always available in a wide variety. There is always something or the other available for everyone. People who want single pieces can opt for these leather bracelets easily. Alongside this, those who look forward to having stacked up pieces can also get their hands on them without any extensive lookout.

What to consider before opting for a leather bracelet?

There are a plethora of things that you should consider before you opt for a leather bracelet. It’s not like choosing one and then using it with all your outfits. No! wearing leather bracelets requires a lot more than that.

It must complement your appearance:

Now, let’s make it real! Wearing a leather bracelet with a three-piece suite, while going on a business meeting, would be an instant put off for the onlookers. What you need to do is to choose a bracelet as per the event as well as the overall dress you are wearing. Leather bracelets will go well with a casual outfit, rather than a formal business meeting getup.

Should be apart from the watch:

A lot of times, the wristwatches that boys and men wear daily have their straps made of leather. This makes them think that their need to have a leather item in their appearance gets complete. However,  that’s not the case. The leather bracelet that you wear must be apart from the wristwatch. This will ensure that your fashion quota of the day is complete, and you look super trendy.

Consider its adaptability:

The leather bracelets come with a super unique quality of being adaptable. You can change your entire look, simply by wearing an adaptable leather bracelet. Wearing it with a cool tee-shirt and a leather jacket will automatically give you a cool, hippy look instantly. At the same time, skipping the jacket and adorning your wrist with a stack of joined bracelets will also go well with your chic appearance. Choosing the correct one from the narrow wrist band, cuff bracelet or braided one will modify your overall look directly.

Buying the RIGHT leather bracelet to look modish:

Leather bracelets come in a variety of options in terms of their styles, looks, patterns and designs. No matter what kind of items do you require, you will be able to find them from one shop or the other. However, to buy the ‘right’ product that would make your look trendy, you need to be aware of all the options available in front of you.


    Vintage Leather Bracelet

A Vintage Leather Bracelet is one of the most opted choices in the World of Fashion. The moment you will put your glance at it, you would feel like its something you MUST have in your collection. To look even trendier, you can always add something cool to this vintage leather bracelet. For example, a really small coin having the stamp of your zodiac hanging from the bracelet would be a great idea.

 Multi Gem-stones Bracelet:

If you have always felt that leather bracelets are always boring and look very monotonous, you are surely WRONG! A leather bracelet can be converted into a trendy item in several ways. One of the most accepted ways in the World of Fashion is that of adding multiple stones or gems to the bracelet. Doing it is easy and you can do that on your own as well. However, if you are not sure of your skills, you can always get your hands on a ready-made multi-gem bracelet.

  •         Single Gem-stone Bracelet:

Even though a multi-gemstones bracelet is a ravishing idea, a lot of people don’t opt for it. In case you are also not confident enough to go for such a strong statement, you can also opt for a single stone bracelet. For that matter, you can get a lucky stone for yourself, complementing your birth sign, and make it hang from the bracelet. It will give you quite a unique and stylish overall look.

  •         Personalized bracelet:

To make your bracelet look even more personal and peculiar, choosing a personalized bracelet is a great idea. Getting your leather bracelet customized just according to your own ideas, concepts and theories will make you own it dearly. For a basic item, you can carve out your own name or the name of your dear ones on it. This act of yours will make this product closer to your heart, forever!

  •         Wide leather bracelet:

Now, this is something you need to wear very carefully. It will give you a cow-boyish look, and will instantly change your vibe. Mostly it is advised to wear it with a sleeveless or small-sleeved shirt, to complete the overall look.



If you have been looking for a super-stylish accessory for a long time, opting for a leather bracelet would be a great idea. Numerous celebrities including Kristine Steward, Rihanna and Enrique Iglesias are spotted wearing them every once in a while. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on a stylish item and change your looks, instantly. 

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